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Herd Second Most on C-USA Commissioner’s Academic Medals & Honor Roll


IRVING, Texas – Marshall’s 64 Academic Medals were the second-most among Conference USA sports sponsored by the league and including all members during the 2016-17 school year, Commissioner Judy MacLeod announced Friday. Medals are given to those C-USA student-athletes who have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or better.

The number of student-athletes to receive the award increased by four from 2015-16, from 60-to-64. Marshall has the second-most honorees behind UTSA (65). UAB placed third with 55. Below is a list of Marshall’s honorees for Academic Medals, followed below by the Commissioner’s Honor Roll, released on Thursday.


Wade Martin and Josh Shapiro

Men’s Basketball

Jacob Kilgore

Women’s Basketball

Logan Fraley, Madison Morris, and Jovana Vucetic

Men’s Cross Country

Tony Hayes, Logan Kerby, Jeremiah Parlock, and William Shaffer

Women’s Cross Country

Andrea Chidester, Adriana Cook, Amber Govey, Jane Jensen, Mary Kerby, Audreana Lewis, Mikaela Mitchell, and Abigail Short


Clay McDonald

Men’s Golf

Camden Moore and Cole Moore

Women’s Golf

Ylva Forslund

Men’s Soccer

Jascha Glueckschalt, Christian Kershaw, and Trevor Starcher

Women’s Soccer

Courtney Andrews, Rebekah Cook, Allyssa Kimbler, Peyton Miller, Jordan Parkhurst, Karen Rogge, Chloe Smith, Alyssa Totzke, and Jenna Zuzolo


Elizabeth DeShields, Hayden Ellis, Abigail Estrada, Madison Marshall, Eloise Tribolet, and Kailee Williamson

Swimming & Diving

Catherine Bendziewicz, Angelica di Marzio, Kate Etter, Anna Lynch, Jordyn O’Dell, Madison Pulfer, Hannah Robins, Sirena Rowe, Madeline Schaffer, Caroline Wanner, Shir Wasserman, Brittany Wilkerson, and Madison Young


Daniela Dankanych and Nikola Novackova

Track & Field – Indoors and Outdoors

Hannah Carreon, Jessica Hiteshew, Alexis Montes, and Denisha West


Tiffany Isaacs, Allie Kellerman, Ally Kiekover, Taylor Riedel, and Audrey Shannon

Marshall placed 211 on the Honor Roll released Thursday. A total of 2,843 student-athletes have earned recognition to the Commissioner’s Honor Roll during the 2016-17 academic year, Conference USA Commissioner Judy MacLeod announced today. Student-athletes named to the Commissioner’s Honor Roll maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

Rice placed the highest number of student-athletes on the honor roll, producing 255 members who participate in league-sponsored sports. Marshall followed with 211, while UTSA ranked a close third with 206 conference student-athletes on the list.


Baseball – 15

Jacob Bradley                                  Baseball

Michael Gizzi                                     Baseball

Shane Hanon                                     Baseball

Matthew Harrison                            Baseball

Thomas Lane                                    Baseball

Tucker Linder                                   Baseball

Wade Martin                                     Baseball

Zac McNeel                                       Baseball

Patrick Murphy                                 Baseball

Tyler Ratliff                                       Baseball

William Ray                                       Baseball

Hunter Sexton                                  Baseball

Josh Shapiro                                     Baseball

Leo Valenti                                        Baseball

Andrew Zban                                   Baseball

Men’s Basketball – 9

Phillip Bledsoe                                 Men’s Basketball

Jon Elmore                                        Men’s Basketball

Ot Elmore                                          Men’s Basketball

Jacob Kilgore                                   Men’s Basketball

Austin Loop                                      Men’s Basketball

Milan Mijovic                                     Men’s Basketball

Aleksa Nikolic                                   Men’s Basketball

Christian Thieneman                       Men’s Basketball

Terrence Thompson                        Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball – 9

McKenzie Akers                               Women’s Basketball

Asheika Alexander                           Women’s Basketball

Khadaijia Brooks                               Women’s Basketball

Tana Driver                                       Women’s Basketball

Kiana Evans                                       Women’s Basketball

Logan Fraley                                     Women’s Basketball

Shayna Gore                                     Women’s Basketball

Madison Morris                                 Women’s Basketball

Jovana Vucetic                                 Women’s Basketball

Men’s Cross Country – 9

Daniel Green                                     Men’s Cross Country

Tony Hayes                                       Men’s Cross Country

Logan Kerby                                     Men’s Cross Country

Michael Martell                                 Men’s Cross Country

Alexander Minor                              Men’s Cross Country

Jeremiah Parlock                             Men’s Cross Country

Nick Schmidt                                    Men’s Cross Country

Drake Seccurro                                 Men’s Cross Country

William Shaffer                                 Men’s Cross Country

Women’s Cross Country – 16

Madeline Armstrong                       Women’s Cross Country

Barkley Castro                                  Women’s Cross Country

Andrea Chidester                            Women’s Cross Country

Adriana Cook                                    Women’s Cross Country

Taylor Craigo                                    Women’s Cross Country

Victoria Dent                                    Women’s Cross Country

Makaylah Downour                          Women’s Cross Country

Amber Govey                                   Women’s Cross Country

Samantha Graffius                            Women’s Cross Country

Jane Jensen                                      Women’s Cross Country

Mary Kerby                                       Women’s Cross Country

Audreana Lewis                               Women’s Cross Country

Alexis McEntire                                Women’s Cross Country

Mikaela Mitchell                               Women’s Cross Country

Andrea Porter                                  Women’s Cross Country

Abigail Short                                     Women’s Cross Country

Football – 19

Tyler Brown                                      Football

Amoreto Curraj                                Football

Nathaniel Devers                             Football

Jordan Dowrey                                Football

Eli Gates                                            Football

Chase Hancock                                 Football

Tyler Kopp                                        Football

Armani Levias                                   Football

Clay McDonald                                 Football

Alexander Mollette                          Football

Donyae Moody                                 Football

Kevin Salguero                                 Football

Christian Schlegel                            Football

Shurod Thompson                           Football

Brennon Tibbs                                  Football

Austin Tolley                                     Football

Logan Wakefield                              Football

Jackson White                                  Football

Ryan Yurachek                                 Football

Men’s Golf – 7

Owen Elliott                                      Men’s Golf

Matthew Hoffman                            Men’s Golf

Camden Moore                                 Men’s Golf

Cole Moore                                        Men’s Golf

Benjamin Roeder                             Men’s Golf

Cameron Root                                  Men’s Golf

Alexander Weiss                              Men’s Golf

Women’s Golf – 2

Ylva Forslund                                    Women’s Golf

Leigha Holt                                       Women’s Golf

Men’s Soccer – 12

Carlos Diaz Salcedo                         Men’s Soccer

Jascha Glueckschalt                        Men’s Soccer

Thomas Hollis                                   Men’s Soccer

Christian Kershaw                            Men’s Soccer

Devin Morgan                                   Men’s Soccer

Ben Norris                                         Men’s Soccer

Joshua Panter                                   Men’s Soccer

John Pappas                                     Men’s Soccer

Thomas Salenbien                           Men’s Soccer

John Sedor                                        Men’s Soccer

Trevor Starcher                                Men’s Soccer

Thomas Trupo                                  Men’s Soccer

Women’s Soccer – 29

Farah Abu-Tayeh                             Women’s Soccer

Courtney Andrews                          Women’s Soccer

Megan Bonelli                                   Women’s Soccer

Kayla Byrnside                                 Women’s Soccer

Rebekah Cook                                  Women’s Soccer

Metz Gomzalez                                Women’s Soccer

Allyssa Kimbler                                Women’s Soccer

Elizabeth Kish                                   Women’s Soccer

McKenna Klodnick                           Women’s Soccer

Rachel Koch                                      Women’s Soccer

Jayne Lawman                                 Women’s Soccer

Peyton Miller                                    Women’s Soccer

Mackenzie Moore                             Women’s Soccer

Emily Moreland                                Women’s Soccer

Jordan Parkhurst                             Women’s Soccer

Gabrielle Powers                             Women’s Soccer

Karen Rogge                                    Women’s Soccer

Jordan Sackaris                                Women’s Soccer

Mary Schmeck                                  Women’s Soccer

Ashley Seltzer                                  Women’s Soccer

Kylie Slusser                                     Women’s Soccer

Chloe Smith                                      Women’s Soccer

Julianna Smith                                  Women’s Soccer

Shontelle Smith                                Women’s Soccer

Katie Suchodolski                            Women’s Soccer

Alyssa Totzke                                   Women’s Soccer

Adela Trevino                                   Women’s Soccer

Briana Velasquez                             Women’s Soccer

Jenna Zuzolo                                    Women’s Soccer

Softball – 15

Jordan Colliflower                           Softball

Elicia D’Orazio                                  Softball

Briana Daiss                                       Softball

Elizabeth DeShields                        Softball

Hayden Ellis                                      Softball

Abigail Estrada                                 Softball

Caitlin Gale                                        Softball

Samantha Loose                               Softball

Madison Marshall                             Softball

Taylor McCord                                  Softball

Rebecca Myslenski                          Softball

Abigail Tolbert                                 Softball

Eloise Tribolet                                  Softball

Kailee Williamson                            Softball

Morgan Zerkle                                  Softball

Swimming & Diving – 29

Catherine Bendziewicz                   Women’s Swimming & Diving

Laura Bradley                                   Women’s Swimming & Diving

Lauren Cowher                                 Women’s Swimming & Diving

Rachel DePietro                               Women’s Swimming & Diving

Angelica di Marzio                           Women’s Swimming & Diving

Kate Etter                                          Women’s Swimming & Diving

Teel Hartmann                                  Women’s Swimming & Diving

Carin Ingram                                     Women’s Swimming & Diving

Justine Jagga                                   Women’s Swimming & Diving

Emma Lockyer                                 Women’s Swimming & Diving

Heather Lonkert                               Women’s Swimming & Diving

Anna Lynch                                       Women’s Swimming & Diving

Gloriya Mavrova                               Women’s Swimming & Diving

Brianne Mury                                    Women’s Swimming & Diving

Jordyn O’Dell                                   Women’s Swimming & Diving

Chloe Parsemain                              Women’s Swimming & Diving

Madison Pulfer                                 Women’s Swimming & Diving

Mikaya Reynolds                              Women’s Swimming & Diving

Hannah Robins                                 Women’s Swimming & Diving

Sirena Rowe                                     Women’s Swimming & Diving

Madeline Schaffer                            Women’s Swimming & Diving

Rachel Sleichter                               Women’s Swimming & Diving

Maggie Stovall                                 Women’s Swimming & Diving

Kelly Toner                                        Women’s Swimming & Diving

Caroline Wanner                              Women’s Swimming & Diving

Shir Wasserman                               Women’s Swimming & Diving

Brittany Wilkerson                           Women’s Swimming & Diving

Megan Wolons                                 Women’s Swimming & Diving

Madison Young                                Women’s Swimming & Diving

Tennis – 8

Marija Bogicevic                               Women’s Tennis

Daniela Dankanych                          Women’s Tennis

Rachael Morales                               Women’s Tennis

Nikola Novackova                            Women’s Tennis

Anna Pomyatinskaya                       Women’s Tennis

Madison Silver                                  Women’s Tennis

Stephanie Smith                              Women’s Tennis

Derya Turhan                                    Women’s Tennis

Track & Field – 16

Sarah Bever                                      Women’s Track & Field

Ericka Budd                                      Women’s Track & Field

Hannah Carreon                               Women’s Track & Field

Meagan Carter                                  Women’s Track & Field

Lauren George                                 Women’s Track & Field

Naja Greer                                         Women’s Track & Field

Tianya Hankerson                            Women’s Track & Field

Breanna Hargrove                           Women’s Track & Field

Heidi Heiniger                                  Women’s Track & Field

Jessica Hiteshew                             Women’s Track & Field

Hope Julmiste                                  Women’s Track & Field

Whitney McAtee                              Women’s Track & Field

Safiyyah Mitchell                              Women’s Track & Field

Alexis Montes                                   Women’s Track & Field

Denisha West                                   Women’s Track & Field

Danere’a White                                Women’s Track & Field

Volleyball – 16

Shelby Conley                                  Volleyball

Justice Craft                                      Volleyball

Madison Hill                                      Volleyball

Tiffany Isaacs                                    Volleyball

Allie Kellerman                                 Volleyball

Ally Kiekover                                    Volleyball

Kassidy Lemons                               Volleyball

Lauren Mattmuller                           Volleyball

Taylor Pelton                                    Volleyball

Taylor Riedel                                    Volleyball

Zoe Schreiber                                   Volleyball

Audrey Shannon                              Volleyball

Kayla Simmons                                 Volleyball

Kathryn Smith                                  Volleyball

Jac’cara Walker                                Volleyball

Cassie Weaver                                  Volleyball

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