Pick Up Locations

Getting the Herd Insider has never been easy. Subscribe directly here to get the magazine in your mailbox, or if you’re out and about you can pick up your copy of the Herd Insider at these locations!

Barboursville Urgent Care – Rt. 60 Barboursville
Bob Evans – 3rd Avenue, Huntington
Bob Evans – Hal Greer Blvd, Huntington
Bob Evans – Barboursville Huntington Mall
Bonded by Bottles – 4th Ave. Huntington
Buddy’s – Hal Greer Blvd, Huntington
Butter It Up – Heritage Station, Huntington
Butter It Up – Rt. 60 Barboursville River Place Plaza
Cabell Huntington Hosp – Hal Greer Blvd, Huntington
Community Trust Bank – Pullman Square
Cook Out – 3rd Avenue, Huntington
Dairy Queen – 5th Avenue Huntington
Dairy Queen – Adams Ave, Huntington
Empire Books – Pullman Square
First Sentry Bank – 8th Street Huntington
First Sentry Bank – Rt. 60 Barboursville
First Sentry Bank – Merrits Creek Exit Barboursville
Foodfair – 1st Street Huntington
Foodfair – Rt. 60 Barboursville
Franks Barber Shop – 4th Ave. Huntington
GD Ritzy’s – Hal Greer Blvd, Huntington
Gino’s – 14 Street West, Huntington
Gino’s – 9th Avenue, Huntington
Gino’s – 5th Avenue Huntington
Gino’s – Rt. 60 Barboursville
Go Mart – West End, Huntington
Go Mart – 5th Street Hill
Go Mart – Rt. 60, Huntington
Herd Tactical – Rt. 60 Huntington
HIMG – Rt. 60 Huntington
Holiday Inn & Suites – Pullman Square
Holiday Inn & Suites – Huntington Mall, Barboursville
Hospice – 31st Street Huntington
Huntington Federal – 5th Avenue, Huntington
Huntington Physical Therapy – 3rd Avenue, Huntington
Hussons Pizza – Hal Greer Blvd, Huntington
Jeff’s Bike Shop – 6th Ave Huntington
Jewel City Seafood – 4th Ave. Huntington
KFC – Washtington Ave. Huntington
KFC – Rt. 60 Huntington
Little Caesars – Rt. 60 Huntington
Little Caesars – 1st Street Huntington
Marshall Hall of Fame Café – 3rd Avenue, Huntington
Marshall Rec Center – Marshall Campus
Marshall Student Center – Marshall Campus
Max and Erma’s – Pullman Square
McDonald’s – 5th Avenue Stadium
McDonald’s – 29th Street Exit Huntington
McDonald’s – 1st Street Huntington
Metro Community FCU – 18th Street Huntington by MU Campus
Pita Pit – 4th Ave. Huntington
Planet Fitness – Huntington Mall
Rio Grande – 5th Avenue Huntington
Roberts Running Shop – 4th Ave. Huntington
Rooster’s – Pullman Square
St. Mary’s Hospital – Hal Greer Blvd, Huntington
Stadium Spirits – 20th Street Huntington
Steak Escape – 5th Avenue Huntington
Steak Escape – Huntington Mall
Three Gables Surgery – Proctorville
Tic Toc Tire – 3rd Avenue, Huntington
Tortilla Factory – Barboursville by Outback
Tri-State Airport – 1449 Co Rte 3/1
Tropical Moon – 4th Ave. Huntington
Tropical Moon – Merrits Creek Plaza Barboursville
Tudors – Hal Greer Blvd, Huntington
Tudors – Adams Ave, Huntington
Tudors – Rt. 60 Huntington
Tudors – Proctorville
Tudors – 20th Street Huntington
Upper Cuts – Hal Greer Blvd, Huntington
Woodlands Retirement – 5th Street Hill
YMCA – 10th Ave. Huntington